What are you all about and what’s with the name?

Beast Worx is a brand inspired by the strength of community and performing at your very best. We enjoy Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strongman, and Powerlifting, all of which we draw inspiration from for our designs.  We came up with the name as a way to celebrate the entire community in one snapshot.  If you hit your workout with your best effort, then we consider you a beast.  Whether you go "as prescribed" or do you own personal version of RX, we want to celebrate it with you.


How limited are your quantities for apparel?

It’s our goal to make as many people feel inspired and confident as we can, using our apparel. That being said, we keep production limited (typically between 100-300 of each design). However, we will dictate some extremely limited print runs and let it be known via our social media accounts.


What are the inspirations for your designs?

We just like to have fun, wear bright colors, and pay homage to our favorite things. Sometimes, our designs are generated from fun and jokes related to the gym and fitness.  Other times, our inspiration comes from childhood memories - we are '80's babies, inspired by '90's designs.  Pop culture is our muse.


What is the shipping rate and what method do you use?

United States Postal Service Priority Mail is our shipping method of choice.  Fast, Easy, Reliable, and includes a tracking number for all packages.  All shipping costs are exact and never inflated.


Wait....why is there an extra shirt/item in my package?

Sometimes, we just like to throw surprises into your orders.  Consider it a way to thank you for your constant support of our brand.  We love the community and we want to express our gratitude.


Do you have a physical storefront?

We have a small office/HQ, but we don't have a physical storefront location.  If you'd like to meet us in person, shoot us an e-mail, and we'll set it up!


How can I find out about new releases or contact you?

If you want to be in the know about anything we’re doing, it’s best to follow our social media accounts.  We really enjoy interaction, and there is no better way to stay connected with us.  We treat all customers like friends & family.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter!

EMAIL | info@beastworx.co
FACEBOOK | www.facebook.com/beastworxusa
INSTAGRAM |  @beast_worx